Clint Capela omnipresent, just a pity that he is the victim every time

In your stake, in transport, just before arriving at work, find your Top 5 of the day concocted by the NBA. And we just add a little spice to the comments. Let’s go!

# 5: we start quiet with PJ Tucker serving a Giannis Antetokounmpo ready to take off. And-1, sorry Clint Capela.

# 4: the Hawks took a lot, but John Collins still manages to get in with a good big put-back.

# 3: Jrue Holiday is huge on this start of the series against the Hawks, and everything works for him.

# 2: Want to see Giannis perform his best Michael Jordan impersonation? It’s this way.

# 1: it was Bucks night. The proof, Brook Lopez is mounted on Clint Capela for a big tomar.

For the images it’s just below, you just have to click. Us? We start to have done the tour so we will quietly stretch a good blow before the continuation. See you soon ? Go, see you soon!

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