Climate inaction: Activists stick their hands to the ground… Porsche dealership turns off light, heater and waits 42 hours to call police


The action of activists from the group Scientist Rebellion of Wolfsburg lasted longer than expected… As they burst into a Porsche dealership, they stuck their hands to the ground to protest against climate inaction like some actions carried out during the recent auto show.

But, surprise, the concessionaire did not notify the authorities of this intrusion. He simply turned off the light and the heating of the concession before closing the doors for… 42 ​​hours.

A teacher at the Institute for the Study of the World Economy in Kiel, Gianluca Grimalda, one of the activists, was indignant on Twitter about these conditions, the employees of the concession having refused to give, at least, « a bowl for meet their needs ».

According to the Swiss media, Blick, some members of the militant commando started a hunger strike after their action to protest against the manners of the dealer.

Released by the police, the activists were then arrested.


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