Clifford Mulenga denounces the difficult living situation of footballers in Africa

The welfare of African players is of concern to Clifford Mulenga. In a reflection published on his Facebook page this Tuesday, September 13, the Zambian international denounces the difficult living situation of the players, and calls for awareness at all levels.

Compared to European players, those playing on the African continent are often not put in better conditions to properly enjoy their passion. Their welfare is of little concern to football officials. As a result, many players fail to have a great and long career. Which disgusts Clifford Mulenga.

“One thing we need to talk about as a football community is player welfare. I think player welfare has really been overlooked and by player welfare I mean the mental aspect, the financial aspect, the family aspect, the educational aspect, the sexual orientation aspect, religious aspect, social responsibility aspect, substance abuse aspect. A lot of young players get lost because they don’t have the basic skills to be consistent and responsible people, » the 35-year-old striker’s Facebook page reads.

In his reflection, the member of the South African club Bloemfontein Celtic calls for the responsibility of club leaders in the face of the lackluster conditions of their players. “Football clubs must also take more responsibility for the welfare of their players. Football is much more than just kicking a ball,” he concluded.

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