Cliff. The Sport 2000 brand will open in the Expansia area in 2023

The Sport 2000 brand sets up in the Expansia zone in Falaise
The Sport 2000 brand is setting up in the Expansia zone in Falaise. ©Les Nouvelles de Falaise

On Wednesday, September 7, 2022, large construction machinery arrived on land in the Expansia area in Falaiseopposite the service station of the E. Leclerc center, with the aim of the future construction of a Sport 2000 store.

On the same land where the project for a Centrakor store was planned in 2020, a project which was then canceled in 2021 following an appeal to the National Commission for Commercial Development (CNAC).

« As part of our economic development skills, the Pays de Falaise Community of Communes supports the projects implemented in our area of ​​activity », commented Clara Dewaële, vice-president of economic development at the CCPF, who declared satisfied with this new establishment.

Between the sale of the land, support on the administrative phase (urban planning, building permit) and on the works phase.

An idea launched in 2018

It all started in 2018, when the Sport 2000 store, run by Thierry Mortagne for more than 30 years, closed its doors. The idea of ​​opening a sports store and taking over the Sport 2000 brand in Falaise appealed to Patrick Machard, CEO of Bricomarché (located in the same business area) and caught on.

“Thierry Mortagne is an adorable man, a character without whom the project could not have taken place. From 2020, the CEO says to himself: « we have to go, it’s the right opportunity! » After a market study, Patrick Machard presents his project to the Community of communes and to the town hall of Falaise. “Very enthusiastic about the project”, underlines the project leader.

For this project, which began on Wednesday, Patrick Machard only wanted to call on local construction companies. It is planned 7 months of construction with an opening for March 2023.

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Two signs

On this 5,000 m plot2half will see the construction of two Sport 2000 stores with 1,000 m2 of surface area, and Modovélo with 400 m2 (same group), without forgetting the reserves and a car park with 52 spaces. Concerned about the ecological footprint, the CEO points out the installation of voltaic panels on the roofs, electric charging stations for bicycles and pavers draining the ground to avoid soil impermeability and harmonious vegetation.

“For the Sport 2000 brand, we will have around fifty brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma…”, explains Inès Blais, manager of the two sites. « For the Modovélo, a wide range also with Bianchi, Sunn, etc. We will offer a low-pressure bicycle washing station, a 24-hour distributor of basic necessities such as inner tubes, a relaxation area and above all a very technical postural study area (to choose the right frame size and to improve its comfort, in the event of the purchase of a new bike). »

(from left to right) Inès Blais, manager of the two sites, Patrick Machard, CEO and Clara Dewaële, vice-president at the CCPF
Inès Blais, manager of the two sites, Patrick Machard, CEO, and Clara Dewaële, vice-president at the CDC du Pays de Falaise (from left to right). ©Les Nouvelles de Falaise

For these new stores, it is announced the recruitment of 9 people. In this sense, Patrick Machard will be present at the Employment Meetings on Thursday, September 22 in Falaise.

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