Cleveland Cavaliers preview – NBA season 2022-23

A classic among classics, the Global Franchise Preview is ready for the customer du jour. We’re going to Ohio today to talk about one of the teams that made us very happy last season: the Cleveland Cavaliers. Coming very close to a return to the Playoffs thanks to their young guard and now reinforced by the arrival of Donovan Mitchell, the Cavs will clearly be one of the League Pass teams of the year.

What happened last season

The season ended on a big disappointment, but it will remain as a great success for the Cavaliers. 44 wins in total, the first season in the positive without a certain LeBron James since 1998, and a place in the Top 8 at the end of the regular, that’s what we call taking a big step forward. A step forward that would have deserved a return to the Playoffs, but the Cavs fell twice in a row in the play-in tournament against the Nets and then the Hawks. A difficult end to swallow in view of the great progress demonstrated throughout the campaign: Darius Garland became All-Star, Jarrett Allen also, the third choice of the 2021 Draft Evan Mobley came very close to the title of Rookie of the Year Kevin Love enjoyed a renaissance, and JB Bickerstaff even proved he could coach. Thanks to this alignment of planets, the Cavaliers were squarely on the Eastern podium at the time of the All-Star Break, before falling from their cloud due in particular to a lot of small (Garland, Markkanen, Mobley, Allen) and big sores (Ricky Rubio).

The summer market

  • They leave : Collin Sexton, Lauri Markkanen, Ochai Agbaji, Rajon Rondo, Brandon Goodwin, Moses Brown, Ed Davis, Tacko Fall, RJ Nembhard
  • They prolong : Darius Garland, Dean Wade
  • They arrive : Donovan Mitchell, Ricky Rubio, Raul Neto, Robin Lopez, Isaiah Mobley

Donovan Mitchell is a Cavaliers player. Yes, this sentence is very real, Koby Altman taking advantage of the demolition operation of the Jazz and the wait-and-see attitude of the Knicks to acquire the services of Spida during the offseason. Collin Sexton (injured for almost all of last season), Lauri Markkanen, Ochai Agbaji have all taken the direction of Salt Lake City, along with a big capital draft. The arrival of an All-Star caliber rear like Mitchell obviously boosts the ambitions of the Cavaliers, who are determined to quickly maximize their current project. Darius Garland has been secured for the long term, the precious Dean Wade has also been entitled to his small extension, and veterans have been added to this group full of promise. This is particularly the case of Ricky Rubio, important last year in Ohio and back after being traded to the Pacers against Caris LeVert following his injury. Robin Lopez also arrives to martyrize the League’s mascots, while Raul Neto will bring a little more depth to position 1 after the departure of Rajon Rondo. Note that Brandon Goodwin, still a free agent and not uninteresting last year with Cleveland, could potentially extend.

The Cavaliers 2022-23 roster

  • Leaders : Darius GarlandRicky Rubio, Raúl Neto
  • Rears : Donovan MitchellCaris LeVert
  • Wingers : isaac okoroCedi Osman, Dylan Windler, Lamar Stevens
  • Power forwards : Evan MobleyKevin Love, Dean Wade, Isaiah Mobley (two-way)
  • Pivots : Jarrett AllenRobin Lopez

In orange the expected starters, according to the famous sources close to the file

Isn’t this roster beautiful? A backcourt with two All-Star level players, a racket with an All-Star and a player who will undoubtedly become it very quickly, quality veterans on the bench, a Caris LeVert to set fire to the second unit, interesting role players… in short, there’s something to puff out at the dawn of the 2022-23 regular season. Nevertheless, there is currently a big question mark on position 3. Last year, JB Bickerstaff had tried the incredible experience of putting Lauri Markkanen on the wing alongside Mobley and Allen, but the Finn is now today in Utah and Jean-Baptiste will have to find a fallback solution. If Isaac Okoro seems the favorite today to integrate the five on the wing, watch out for the competition because nothing seems set in stone: Caris LeVert, Cedi Osman, Dean Wade, Dylan Windler or even Lamar Stevens, the options are many !

A little video by the way?

Cleveland Cavaliers 2022-23 salaries

TTFL: Cavaliers players to watch

Darius Garland, Donovan Mitchell, Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen.

We’re potentially on a quartet of All-Stars, so the Cavaliers could very quickly become one of the favorite teams in your decks. The production of Garland last year? Almost 22 points and 9 assists on average with good percentages. Mitchell? A good 26-4-6 for families. Jarrett Allen remains a super safe pick with his 16 points – 11 rebounds at more than 67% shooting, while Evan Mobley seems destined to become a staple of the TTFL after his great rookie season (15 points, 9 rebounds, almost 2 counters at 51% shooting). You will tell us that the production of these guys can be limited by the fact that there is only one ball in the field, and there is some truth in that. But we can also imagine this group surpassing themselves together and offering us nice little scores every morning.

Infirmary: update on injuries

When we look at the Cleveland infirmary, no less than seven names stand out. isaac okoro to start, had two alerts: seven missed games for a strained left hamstring at the end of October 2021 and five for a sprained left elbow. Ricky Rubio has been out since the end of 2021 following a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee. Operated in January, he had already suffered the same injury to the same knee in 2012. The Cavs will want to take their time and there is therefore unlikely to see it in 2022. Evan Mobley, meanwhile, had three stints in the infirmary during his rookie year. He first missed four games in November after spraining his right elbow, then in early December he crashed in a game and was treated for a bruised bone in his hip but eventually had to retire. for four meetings before Christmas. Finally, he missed five games after spraining his left ankle at the end of March. For the record, he has since returned to the infirmary for a small sore ankle but nothing serious.

Darius Garland for his part, he spent little time in the infirmary last season: two games for a sprained left ankle and eight for lower back pain. Caris LeVert on the other hand has been quite embarrassed in recent months. He missed the start of the season and two games in February with pain from a stress fracture in his lower back suffered during pre-season, then missed two more games with a sore calf and nine with sprained right foot. He announced that he has worked a lot this summer, both on his diet and on his training and preparation routines. Jarrett Allen? He suffered a big injury in March with his fractured left middle finger and missed the rest of the regular season before returning with a not quite healed and still very sore finger. He said he was 100% at the end of May, so don’t worry about this recovery. Donovan Mitchell, finally, had three alerts last season: a missed game in October for right ankle pain, two others in December for lower back pain and another eight in January for a concussion. To conclude, apart from Ricky Rubio, everyone should be 100% at the start of the school year, but it will still be necessary to avoid the minor injuries of the past year to reach the Playoffs and be competitive there.

What goals this season?

The Cavaliers took a big step last year, we expect another step forward this season. Concretely, what does that mean? It means a return to the Playoffs and if possible in the Top 6 of the very tough Eastern Conference.

When you have two All-Stars with Garland and Allen, a phenomenon named Evan Mobley who should do some crazy things as a sophomore, and you add a player of the caliber of Donovan Mitchell to the solid foundations laid last season, inevitably we are in right to expect even better than last season. Now it will be up to JB Bickerstaff to do a good job of maximizing this beautiful machine, finding the best solution on station 3 and the best possible balance in terms of rotations and fit.

This 2022-23 version of the Cavaliers has the opportunity to truly put Cleveland back on the Eastern Conference map and at the same time finally step out of King LeBron’s towering shadow. Now expected across the League and with the integration of Mitchell, the Cavs may need a little time before evolving to their top level, but the ultimate goal is there.

The Editor’s Prognosis

49 wins – 33 losses, 6th place in the East.

The hype is real in Cleveland and we can see the Cavaliers qualify directly for the Playoffs by finishing in the Top 6 in the East thanks to 49 wins, their best total for almost two decades if we leave aside the LeBron years. Before we talk about winning a series or even joining the battle for conference supremacy, that would already be a real achievement for a franchise that was still in the doldrums not so long ago. Eventually, with the evolution of the magic trio Garland – Mobley – Allen and Mitchell becoming more and more comfortable in his new jersey, the Cavaliers will probably aim higher but we are still in step-by-step mode today. today in Ohio.

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So much for the Cavaliers preview for this NBA 2022-23 season. Clearly, Cleveland will be one of the main teams to watch this season, for all they showed last year and all they may show now given the quality of the roster. LeBron may be gone, but the hype is back!

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