« Clear all », the big rant of Rothen against the officials of the arbitration in France


Jérôme Rothen uttered a huge rant against French arbitration and especially against its officials, in the program « Rothen ignites », Monday evening on RMC, after several highly discussed arbitration decisions this weekend in Ligue 1.

The 8th day of Ligue 1, marked by the controversial exclusions of Jean-Clair Todibo during Nice-Angers and Bradley Locko during Reims-Monaco, was not good publicity for French refereeing. « I have the impression that every week, after a day of the championship, we talk about arbitration, regretted Jérôme Rothen in Rothen ignites, this Monday evening on RMC. It’s been a real problem for X months , but it has been accentuated for a few weeks and since the start of the championship, it’s the Bérézina. »

« When you’re not at the level, you have to hit the guys who are not at the level, it’s normal, adds Jérôme Rothen. Like a player when he’s not good, he spends his life on the bench or outside the group otherwise the coach is risking his skin because the team won’t win. When you see so much bullshit on the matches, those in charge have to assume. I say to Mr. Garibian, well supplemented by Mr. Duhamel and Mr. .Lannois, you were great referees. No problem, it’s the truth. Except that your experience is useless today, it’s Berezina. »

« They are all hands tied »

For the former Monaco and PSG player, everything has to change. « Today, there is the technical direction of the refereeing, directed by Mr. Garibian, and the French committee of the referees, directed by Mr. Borghini. They are overseen by Noël Le Graët. It always comes back to the same thing. Mr. Borghini is close, very close to Noël Le Graët, so in fact it’s very political, all that. »

« We are in a bubble but in a bubble, you are not progressing, regrets Rothen. They all have their hands tied. After a while you have to blow everything up if you want the refereeing to progress. » M.Bollengier, referee of Nice-Angers this weekend, excluded Jean-Clair Todibo after only nine seconds, for a fault which probably did not deserve such a sanction. M.Dechepy excluded Bradley Locko because he touched Embolo at the end of his clearance. Mr. Vernice, finally, released four red cards during Montpellier-Auxerre, a few weeks ago.

« Get out everyone, we’re fed up. Noël Le Graët first »

« M.Bollengier and M.Vernice, these two referees, last year they were in Ligue 2, notes Rothen. But in L2 and in National, they made big mistakes. And all the referees who cannot speak today « Today know very well that those two weren’t the best. Do you know why they came up? Because Mr. Bollengier is from the North, and Mr. Lannois, Mr. Garibian’s assistant, is from over there. And Mr. Vernice is from Nice, and coincidentally it’s Mr. Borghini’s region. »

Jérôme Rothen now expects a total change within the authorities so that the arbitration improves. « After a while, stop your nonsense. Get out everyone, we’re fed up. Noël Le Graët first. When Noël Le Graët leaves, all of them will get out and we’ll put it back in the middle of the enthusiasts who love the football. »

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