Claudio Marchisio talks about a possible return to Juventus |

After Andrea Agnelli, it was Claudio Marchais who spoke at the « Il Foglio » event. He talks about a possible return to Juventus, the club’s season and the possible departure of Giorgio Chiellinu. Check out some of his statements in this article.

A return to Juventus?

« I was born juventino, I grew up and won with Juve. If there are opportunities I will evaluate them, to this day I am satisfied with this path. »

The Juventus season:

« Getting to play a trophy like the Coppa Italia is important, he’s done it once again and we hope it’s another trophy to put on the scoreboard and then think about the next one. There were too many ups and downs, with a more consistent course he could have aimed for the Scudetto. »

« I didn’t expect such a hard-fought championship. We always complain that championships are won easily, whereas this year we can enjoy it like that. »

Giorgio Chiellini:

« I can only say thank you to Giorgio, also for what he will leave to Italian football. Sorry, but retirement is a choice that comes at a certain time. »

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