clashed by Gucci Mane, Boosie Badazz and Playboi Carti


There is revenge in the air.

What better way to promote than big fights? While YoungBoy NBA has just released his joint project with DaBaby, « Better Than You », it seems that several rappers recently implicated by the Bâton Rouge artist have decided to take advantage of this moment to settle their accounts.

This is particularly the case of Gucci Man who has just released the diss track « Publicity Stunt » in which it appears that he is responding to YoungBoy’s accusations in his controversial title, « I Hate YoungBoy ». In this bit, Gucci doesn’t mention NBA by name, but alludes to the controversial rapper on several occasions. At one point he says:

« Why you diss me for publicity, nigga?/Is you in the streets or a industry, nigga?/Is you my fan or my enemy, nigga? »

And as all this little world was very hot, YoungBoy NBA and Boosie Badazz also sent kindnesses. NBA rapping in particular his pain to see that Badazz did nothing to maintain their friendship, always in the controversial title « I Hate YoungBoy ».

“Feel like Boosie don’t even like me, b****, don’t call my phone (F*** you).”

Today is the time for the response of the rapper also from Bâton Rouge in the song « I Don’t Call Phones I Call Shots » even if he does not mention the name of NBA at all, no doubt so as not to give him too much importance and tells him that he would have done better to call him rather than to clash him in one of his songs…

« First and last time speaking on this, » he begins. « If you felt that way, why you ain’t call me on my phone number? Bitch, you know you wrong/Clearin’ all these n****s songs/Don’t go clear an****s song , but fake it like you an***a dog/That’s that fake shit/Don’t speak on me no more lil’ n***a, you know I don’t go for that/Let’s keep it real dog, you was a ho for that. »

From what the American media say, the two artists would have a joint project dating from 2019 and Boosie has always held YoungBoy in high esteem so it is a real novelty in their relationship that we are witnessing today.

And as if that wasn’t enough YoungBoy NBA, some of his fans clashed with Playboi Carti fans on social media over a snippet of a new track where, according to Carti fans, NBA mimics the style of their idol.

In short, as our friend Lamal would say, it’s hot, hot, hot!


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