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Neurotic Swingers + The Aggravation + Holy Curse by Zhou
Random Cabaret, Marseille, 03/17/2006
Live report initially posted on Massilia’s Burning: Having broken down in the afternoon, it is therefore aboard the diabolical Vandmobile, fully loaded, that we go to the Belle de Mai and more precisely at the Friche de la Belle de Mai and more precisely at the Cabaret Aléatoire (phew). Thanks to my… Read more

Holy Curse by Gumzampano
CICP – Paris, 06/06/2004
Another great set from Holy Curse!!! There’s an intensity to these guys, a real Rock ‘N’ Roll attitude, like 100% Too Fast To Live. That is to say that when we see them on stage, we see one of these groups who have understood everything, who have grasped the « thing ». As for the final medley « Super Fortress » (something like that)-« I Wanna Be Your Dog », it’s… More

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