CIV: Belmadi « We lack efficiency »

One day before the decisive match between Algeria and Côte d’Ivoire, Djamel Belmadi spoke at a press conference. The national coach returned to the poor performance of the Greens in the last two matches. In particular, he focused on the issue of the next meeting.

We hardly recognize this Algeria which reigned over African football in 2019. The results of the first two days of the CAN testify to this: 0 goals scored on a multitude of occasions and above all one goal conceded. For Belmadi, the problem is not tactical, but rather concerns the efficiency of the players in front of the goals:  » On the two meetings Algeria was not unrecognizable. It was an ineffective Algeria, which lacked address […]. We conceded a goal, almost gag “, he says.

After the defeat against Equatorial Guinea, EN slipped to last place in their pool. It is therefore against the 114th nation in the FIFA rankings that Algeria loses its series of invincibility. In this regard, the coach of the Fennecs says:  » Riyad said that we have not only scored in our last two matches. With all due respect, they’re not the best teams we’ve faced. »

Would the warm climatic context have conditioned the performance of the Greens? In any case, the Algerian coach refuses to believe that. He confirmed :  » I stay in the technical field. The problem is not January or June. »

To hope for a qualification in the round of 16, the Fennecs must absolutely win against an Ivory Coast that Belmadi knows very well. A match at stake where only victory is tolerated: “ We absolutely have to win if we want to continue to exist. It’s a big challenge. We know this thing and we have always responded “, insists the Algerian technician. He pursues :  » It’s been difficult for 3 years now. Making an African Cup final is difficult too. Tomorrow it won’t be easy, but even in our preparation matches I always had the feeling that we were playing our lives. »

Algeria will play its last match of this group stage, against the CIV, in Douala on the lawn of the Japoma Stadium. The relocation of the meeting was therefore only a rumor. And this is confirmed by Djamel Belmadi: « JI have my opinion on the lawn but I did not ask for a relocation. I have enough work with my team. I’m focused on the game. Everything that’s going around, we just have to deal with it. »


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