Citroën E-Mehari and Bolloré Bluesummer prototypes for sale

Several Citroën E-Mehari and Bolloré Bluesummer, including prototypes, were put up for sale by a company which modified these models for the rally. Some copies offered have not been used, but all are sold without batteries.



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Several Citroën E-Mehari and Bolloré Bluesummer prototypes are for sale.


Solutions-VE is a company that develops electric competition buggies, in particular for the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles, a women’s rally-raid that takes place every year in the Moroccan desert. The event has included a class dedicated to electric vehicles since 2017 and, before designing a dedicated vehicle, Solutions-VE modified and rented Citroën E-Mehari and Bolloré Bluesummer, two « cousin » models that were assembled together in the PSA plant (now Stellantis) in Rennes-la Janais, Brittany. The company is now selling several copies.

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Citroën E-Mehari rally

Solutions-VE has developed its own electric buggy, pictured left.


A development base for electric rallying

In view of the 2017 rally, Solutions-VE managed to acquire several E-Mehari and Bluesummer from Citroën and Bolloré, including a number of prototypes, with a view to transforming them for competition. The progress of the firm’s projects is now pushing it to make room. The vehicles in question are sold without a functional battery, and some cannot be registered for use on the open road. They are therefore intended to serve as a bank of spare parts or as a development base for various projects, or even to be used on private land provided that a battery is found.

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Bolloré Bluesummer Rally

The vehicles used in rallying were put to the test.


A dozen vehicles for sale

The vehicles are located in the Var and the ad is visible on Leboncoin. The list of items for sale includes:

  • 4 Bolloré Bluesummer with gray card, without battery, having raced in rally, between €2,000 and €2,500 each
  • 3 Bolloré Bluesummer with registration certificate, battery out of order, several parts to be replaced, some of which are supplied, between €3,000 and €3,500 each
  • 3 non-registerable prototypes of Citroën E-Mehari which are missing a battery and certain cabin elements, between €1,500 and €2,500 each
  • 1 incomplete Bolloré Bluesummer, €800
  • various spare parts for Citroën E-Mehari and Bolloré Bluesummer


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