Christophe Galtier « dreams » of coaching the Blues


 » The France team, I think it’s the finest thing for a coach: coaching his country, his national team, it must be something exciting, exciting, difficult. “For Christophe Galtier, interviewed on Franceinfo, the Blues are the Grail, which he does not refrain from dreaming of even if he considers that he lacks experience for this level. «  Am I capable of holding this position? I do not know. I don’t have the experience, unlike a Didier (The fields), unlike a Laurent (White) previously. […] It’s an incredible dream but I have the right to dream “, he continues.

While waiting to find himself in position one day, the reigning French champion (with Lille) believes that Zinedine Zidane is the natural candidate to succeed Didier Deschamps.  » I think the future coach – as late as possible for Didier – will be Zizou. The France team must come back to him if he wants it. »


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