Christian Horner (Red Bull) before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: « The drivers’ title is where the prestige is »

Red Bull can still win the war. But she has, except « miracle », already lost a great battle. After the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, where Max Verstappen finished second between the two Mercedes drivers, the Austrian team took a big blow in the « Manufacturers » standings. The abandonment of Sergio Pérez in Jeddah was expensive since, now, 28 units separate it from its rival Mercedes. In other words, the firm with the Red Bulls will have to count on a failure of the Ebony Arrows to tear off this crown.

« Max and Lewis, we’re coming to the climax of the thing, I’m afraid for next Sunday »

« We are in the background and we will need a miracle to win this title« , conceded Christian Horner, the boss of the team, in remarks relayed by The Independent. But the main thing is elsewhere. Red Bull would probably have appreciated winning everything but if it could and had to choose, it would not hesitate a single second: « The drivers title is where the prestige is, said the leader. This is the one that people remember. « In terms of marketing and advertising spinoffs, the crown of the constructors does not weigh very heavily against that of the pilots.

And there, Red Bull has certainly not surrendered, even if the wind is pushing hard behind Lewis Hamilton’s back in recent weeks. « The form is rather at Mercedes but once again, Max Verstappen fought like a lion this weekend, pointed out Horner. He gives everything. « 

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