Christian Horner considering Colton Herta’s arrival: ‘It could be very interesting’

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is ready to accept a possible departure from Pierre Gasly to Alpine and presents IndyCar driver Colton Herta as the best replacement.

If the arrival of the American is envisaged, there are still obstacles in his way. Indeed, the IndyCar driver does not yet have the necessary number of points on his Super License.

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The silly season is still in full swing in F1, having been launched by Sebastian Vettel at the beginning of August. Fernando Alonso will defend the colors of Aston Martin next season, which leaves a vacant seat at Alpine. Indeed, Oscar Piastri, first choice of the French firm finally decided to move to McLaren.

The French team would like to recover Pierre Gasly, currently at AlphaTauri. Anticipating this departure, AlphaTauri designates Herta as a possible replacement, only if the American obtains the green light from the FIA. Team boss Horner tells the current state of affairs.

Herta on AlphaTauri’s radar

The American is the youngest winner in IndyCar history. However, the American premier class is quite different from F1. The FIA ​​grants fewer points for a victory in the IndyCar Series and this is where things could change. Herta would like to move up a gear, but they lack the points needed to get started.

Formula 1 is now very popular across the Atlantic, the question is when an American driver will return to the starting grid. F1 welcomes the arrival of a driver from the United States, but insists on the rules regarding Super License points.

« It’s a problem for the FIA, we just need clarity on which drivers have points, hopefully that will come sooner or later. This plays an important role in the driver change which is on the agenda. »explained Horner.

An American back in F1?

The paperwork still needs to be sorted out, but that doesn’t call into question the talent of the American driver, according to Horner.

“He is a young American who has proven himself in the United States in an exceptional way, it will be very interesting to see how he performs in Formula 1.« said the Englishman.

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Of course, having an American driver is also good for marketing.

“Our sport is developing very quickly in America at the moment, it could be very interesting to have a good American driver. It is a very interesting option for us in the long term.

However, in addition to selling in the United States, it must also perform well in the car. However, the boss of the Austrian firm is not worried about this. « He’s a very big talent. »

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