Christian Dvorak’s future in question following Sean Monahan signing


Seeing Sean Monahan back in town means that in the short term, the Canadiens are overflowing in the center. With Nick Suzuki, Kirby Dach, Christian Dvorak and Jake Evans in addition to Monahan, it’s a crowd at mass.

And there, I did not speak of Pierre-Luc Dubois or the first choice of the Canadiens, who could be a center player.

I am of the school of thought that it is better to have more centers because they can play on the wing. The proof? Sean Monahan and Kirby Dach formed a formidable duo last year.

But the fact remains that if a top center is added for the long term, whether it’s Dubois or a kid in the repechage, it will put pressure on Christian Dvorak.

Dvorak is a brave soldier who, in an ideal world, should play on a third line. He is not, however, the kind of player who is guaranteed to have his job long term – on the contrary.

David Ettedgui notably thinks that Dvorak could be the first player to leave.

Dvorak is under contract until 2025. He earns $ 4.45 million per season, which is not necessarily the most interesting candidate in the world on the market for transactions this summer.

I’m not saying he’s worth nothing, but it’s early to get a contract like this that ends in 24 months.

Also, don’t forget that he has a partial no-trade clause from July 1. I would therefore be surprised to see him leave for Winnipeg in the event of a transaction for Pierre-Luc Dubois after July 1.

Either way, the Jets definitely want a bigger chunk than him, right?

So I don’t know what to expect, but it will be fascinating to follow. After all, imagine what the DG of Flanelle could do with such an extra amount under the ceiling…

Remember also that he did not finish the season in good health, he who had knee surgery and who has not played since.

A lot of

– Nothing new under the sun.

– File to follow.

– Several teams are in play.

– Possible.

– With reason.

– Logic.


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