Chris Wideman should represent the Canadiens in the All-Star Game according to

We know it since the first seconds of the first preseason game of the 2021-2022 season for the Canadians, things are going badly for the tricolor.

Questionable changes made by former DG Marc Bergevin, a significant regression in the game of several players, 17 billion injured and/or suffering from COVID-19…

In short, it’s not going well.

But life goes on in the NHL and in less than a month, it will be the presentation of the all-star game.

Does a Canadiens player deserve to participate in this meeting? Quite frankly the answer is no. But since it takes at least one representative per team, the site has made a list of players who should be selected according to their experts.

Among the Canadians, we find Chris Wideman.

Yes, the “offensive” defenseman who has 9 points in 22 games this season even though he is on almost all the power play.

Yes, the guy who was in the KHL last season.

Yes, Chris Wideman.

Certainly, when you look at the stats of the Canadiens players, Wideman is the most productive defenseman…

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Yeah, it’s not brilliant. Here are the pundits’ picks to represent the Atlantic:

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If you ask me, Nick Suzuki should be the Canadiens’ All-Star Game representative. Why? Because he has achieved the feat of not having been placed on the COVID list by the tricolor (not yet at least).

Just that, it deserves to be rewarded!

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