Chris Paul’s terrible all-time record after his failure

While he seemed to escape the curse that has fallen on him since the start of his career in the playoffs, Chris Paul once again suffered a painful setback in the Finals against the Bucks. Defeated after finding himself in a good position to win his first title, he seized alone a disastrous historical record.

Unlike in the past, even the injuries he sustained didn’t seem able to stop his run for the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Determined to win his first league title, Chris Paul has so far masterfully led his Suns in the playoffs. Some saw him already inheriting the MVP award of the Finals, when his team had just won its first two games against the Bucks.

Then, fate hit the star leader again. Following these two inaugural successes, his franchise has indeed failed to prevent the shattering awakening of Milwaukee. As a result, Monty Williams’ men joined the locker room of the Fiserv Forum with their heads bowed on Tuesday, while their opponents were celebrating their coronation. The Point God will also be going on vacation with a record that could not be more junk in its luggage.

The scoring advantages wasted by Chris Paul’s teams:

2-0 against Spurs in 2008
2-0 against the Grizzlies in 2013
3-1 against the Rockets in 2015
2-0 against the Blazers in 2016 (broken hand)
3-2 vs Warriors do 2018 (hamstring injury)
2-0 against the Bucks in 2021

He becomes the first player to waste two 2-0 leads in a best-of-7 series.

Until now, co-owner of this brand with Blake Griffin, CP3 has therefore taken the lead in this sad all-time ranking alone. What to make all the exploits and records he was able to compile in this unnecessary postseason. If he is the superstitious type, he does know who to blame.

Lebron james (July 9): 2 won, more than 2 @ CP3

StatMuse: The Suns have lost four straight games following this tweet.

Not spared by fate, Chris Paul now risks being considered the biggest choker in history by his detractors. A bitter observation for a player of his caliber.

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