Chris Paul would have made a big decision about his future!


Chris Paul is on the verge of a feat with the Suns! Indeed, a single victory would allow them to take out the reigning champions! And in addition to the athlete, CP3 must also take care of his future, he who has a huge player option… And according to the sources, he would have made a big decision! Attention, surprise …

Chris Paul’s career is quite special. He will remain forever as one of the best leaders in history, but unlike other legends, he does not have this brilliant stroke in the playoffs which allows him to mark the spirits … And he is not even necessarily responsible because very often, when he was on the verge of achieving a feat, injuries were involved.

We remember that terrible game 7 missed in 2018, where he had all the weapons necessary to bring down the Warriors dynasty … And this season again, he was almost deprived of his first series against LeBron due to pain At the shoulder. The last images during Game 5 are also not very reassuring

In short, regardless of the outcome of the season with the Suns, CP3 will have to look into its future with its « player option » at 44 million … And according to information from Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report, the leader would have taken a strong decision for the rest of his career! If this is confirmed in the next few months, it would be a huge surprise.

Chris Paul has a 44 million option for next season, but sources say he plans not to activate it and test the market with hopes of securing a new contract over several years. We are talking about 100 million over 3 seasons. It remains to be seen whether his shoulder injury will change his plans.

Chris Paul still wants to play, still claim a title with the Suns… This is also the reason why this refusal is logical. By taking « only » 33 million next season instead of the 44 of his option, he offers 11 million to his leaders for the free agency! It’s not huge, but enough to attract a good veteran. Selfless on and off the field.

Chris Paul intends to register in the medium term with the Suns. If Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton continue their progress, they could well carry the leader to his first title within 3 years!


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