Chris Paul signs huge contract with the Suns … until he turns 40!


Eager to stay in Phoenix after playing his first career Finals, Chris Paul has come to an agreement with the Suns. At stake ? A huge contract, which will take him to his 40th birthday!

Given ended by some after his Rockets period, Chris Paul signed a model revival. He is now collecting the costs with this 4-year contract and $ 120 million initialed at the opening of the free agency:

Suns All-Star point guard Chris Paul has agreed to a new 4-year contract that could earn him up to $ 120 million, his agents say.

Clever, CP3 had declined this Sunday his option to 44 million for the last year of his previous contract. Instead of securing this sum and taking the risk of exposing yourself to injury or loss of level, CP3 insures nearly 3 times more money. At the end of this deal, he will be… 40 years old!

The mark of trust from the Suns is huge anyway, and hopefully the franchise will continue to grow around Point God. Above all, let’s bet that his health does not pose recurring problems, in which case this contract could become much more cumbersome for the front office …

Chris Paul breaks the bank once again, despite his old age. Hats off, the daronne is safe!


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