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Whatever the outcome of the rest of the playoffs, the Suns are preparing for a relatively calm summer with mainly the Chris Paul file to manage and, possibly the contract extension of Deandre Ayton, or even Mikal Bridges. Or three incumbents all the same.

GM James Jones has managed to build a squad capable of playing the title, second in the Western Conference, and most of the rotation is under contract for next season. Except that Chris Paul has a clause allowing him to test the market or extend his contract by one year for $ 44 million!

Logically, we imagine that he will activate this clause since he will not find better on the market. Except that according to the Bleacher Report, Chris Paul could emulate Gordon Hayward last fall, when the Celtics winger gave up his last year of contract to sign a very large contract with the Hornets. Clearly, the leader of the Suns could also give up this last year of contract to sign a new big contract over several seasons. In Phoenix or elsewhere.

The 36-year-old former Clippers player could thus claim a final contract of around 100 million over three years. This would allow the Suns to save $ 14 million on their payroll for 2022, but at the same time, it would weigh it down for the next two years. Unless, again, Chris Paul includes an exit clause in 3rd year.

Clearly, Chris Paul is in a strong position. He knows his arrival has transformed the team, and his name has even circulated as MVP during the season. If he gives up that final year of the contract, the Suns might also have competition to extend it, and they won’t have the chance to match an outside bid.

But as the person has kept repeating that he was very happy in Phoenix, surrounded by a circle of very close friends like Monty Williams, Willie Green or even Jeff Bower, it is hard to imagine him leaving the Suns this summer.

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