Chris Paul fired by the Suns, a huge superstar close to joining Phoenix?!


Phoenix has decided to make some big changes for next season, allowing itself to part ways with Chris Paul. No coincidence according to a famous journalist, who thinks that the franchise has already identified a potential successor to Point God…

Eliminated in the second round of the playoffs this season, the Suns still missed an opportunity. Result, the leaders have decided to decide on the spot since the franchise is on vacation. Monty Williams has given way to Frank Vogel in coaching, but the biggest move remains the recent dismissal of Chris Paul. By cutting it, however, Phoenix also deprives itself of its main passer.

Given the Point God’s distribution skills, finding a suitable replacement for it will not be easy in the summer market. But even if it means recruiting a leader, you might as well go all out obviously since the Arizona franchise is aiming for something very heavy to accompany Kevin Durant and Devin Booker. Ramona ShelburneESPN advises in particular to follow very closely the file of another big free agent:

James Harden favorite to succeed Chris Paul at the Suns?

The Phoenix Suns aren’t giving up on Chris Paul unless they’re feeling pretty good with someone else. In your place, I’ll keep an eye on James Harden. I don’t have concrete information, but it had been on the table for about a month.

Officially, The Beard would hesitate between extending to the Sixers and returning to the Rockets, land of his greatest exploits. But as Shelburne recalls, the Cactus have also been mentioned in his file in the past and it could materialize now, the CP3 contract no longer being. Fans are still cautious, however, because the last time he and Durant played together, it didn’t go well…

So he and KD have reconciled? Why would it work in Phoenix when it failed so epically in Brooklyn?

No chance of that happening.

The Suns are going to need a new head smuggler if Chris Paul doesn’t somehow return and James Harden fits that profile. It remains to be seen, however, if the cohabitation between him, Devin Booker and Kevin Durant will be able to work. Frank Vogel risks having to deal with one hell of a headache.


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