“Chris Paul at the Warriors? He’s a smart player, but…”


Golden State Warriors NBA stars Chris Paul (left) and Stephen Curry (right)

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Recently, Chris Paul settled in Golden State. If seeing the Point God and Stephen Curry collaborate intrigues many people, some observers wonder what role he will have in the workforce. A former player wondered about the complementarity of the player with the group…

As often, the NBA has its share of surprises in store for us. If Jordan Poole was thought to be an integral part of the Warriors future project, he was eventually sent to the Wizards. Golden State thus recovered Chris Paul and several observers are already worried about the atmosphere in the locker room after this arrival. On the sporting level, CP3 integrates a team in which he will be able to share the back-court with Stephen Curry.

We will thus see two of the best playmakers in history share the swelling next season on the side of San Francisco. Obviously, this association excites as much as it questions and the two men will have to reinvent themselves so that the roles are respected, without either stepping on the flowerbeds of the other. To tell the truth, the tactical aspect will be one of the biggest projects for Steve Kerr…

CP3 to the Warriors, does it fit or does it not?

For the moment, we do not yet know what Draymond Green planned to do this summer. The workforce for next season is therefore not completely known but we can already start thinking about how Steve Kerr will articulate his organization. JJ Redick recently spoke on this subject and admits to being slightly skeptical regarding the fit between the Warriors and Chris Paul:

Chris Paul is a smart player, but the contrast between styles of play is obvious. He will find a way to contribute and help them win games, he is a very methodical player. There are figures that show that the style of play is different, starting with the speed during the attack phases. The Warriors last year had the sixth-fastest average speed on offense. CP was the slowest player among those who played at least 1000 minutes.

The Warriors had the shortest average touch length on offense at 2.7 seconds. Chris Paul was him at 5.6 seconds. The other problem is that since Steve Kerr took over, Golden State has been the team with the fewest screens in the NBA. Last year, CP3 had the fourth most screens played in the league. The Warriors were penultimate in that area. So in that regard, there may be a pick-and-roll concern.

With these statistical elements, Redick points to the adjustments that Californians will have to make for Chris Paul’s adventure to be a success there. Of course, Steve Kerr, Steph Curry or the former Suns do not lack experience and will no doubt be able to adapt to this new challenge. In any case, it would be better under penalty of regretting the departure of the talented Jordan Poole…

Recently arrived from Golden State, Chris Paul is already subject to some sporting questions. The Point God does not really correspond to the game of the Warriors according to JJ Redick. The first answers will arrive in October and will prove to be crucial…


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