Chiesa decided not to go on vacation to be 100% |

Injured for a few weeks, Federico Chiesa is on the way back. The Italian crack has said he is not going on vacation in order to be 100% for Juventus and be back as soon as possible. Find his statements to the Repubblica in this article.

Do not go on vacation to be 100%:

« I am training in Continassa! I have to recover from an injury, I have decided not to go on vacation. I want to be 100% by 2022. I have a great relationship, also friendship, with Leo and Giorgio. « 

The year 2022 to come:

« You have to think game after game, as the coach rightly said. I come back on the 30th with the team, I had the bad luck to injure myself, but now we have to do a great 2022. Because the ‘Juve’s idea is always to win every game. Lack of continuity? I think it’s due to two years in which different coaches came up with different ideas. But now we are all rowing on the same side, and we let’s think game after game. That’s the only way. « 

Winning mindset:

« I came here with the mentality of winning any competition. Now we are aiming for the Supercopa against Inter, then the Italian Cup. For the championship, we will see. And we are in the knockout stages of the League. champions: there is everything to write about. « 

Inter Milan:

« They are doing something great, they are doing well and they have continuity. We have to stand there and wait for the missteps of those in front of us. But first of all, we have to think about ourselves. »

The results at Juventus:

« More than positive. But I only think about 2022 and the next game. I want to win with Juve and bring them back to the top. »

His position :

« I’m a winger. I always play where the manager wants, like against Chelsea to make the most of the space. But, as I demonstrated in the European Championship and with Juve, I’m a winger. Right or left. « 

His idols in football:

« Kaka. Del Piero. But then I had the chance to spend a year with one of the greatest champions in football history: Cristiano Ronaldo. See him live, his dedication, his mental strength, be decisive and present in all situations … has been a constant inspiration to me. Cristiano is on another planet. It was exciting to work with him and to see firsthand what he does to be so strong. « 

La Nazionale and its secrets:

« What’s the secret? Two. The enthusiasm of Mr Mancini and the squad: always playing for your teammate, being a team to the end. Like in the round of 16 and in the final after the English goal. There is always a great expectation of new victories. What the Europeans have given us, perhaps this qualification for the World Cup took us away: we did not take advantage of the opportunities. But in the play-offs, we will come back to the team that we were. We are absolutely not satisfied. We will demonstrate that Euro2020 was not an episode but part of a winning path. « 

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