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Every summer, players and coaches alike have one word on their lips: defense. All promise progress in defense, and more often than not, it remains as a promise. The Bulls have not deviated from tradition, explaining that to take a step forward, they had to defend better. With Nikola Vucevic in the circle, and DeMar DeRozan as the main recruit, we were skeptical. But the Bulls have also recruited Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso, and they have in Patrick Williams, a defenseman of the future.

Result: these “new look” Bulls are indeed very interesting in defense. The best example is this streak of several defensive stops in the second quarter against the Pistons, punctuated by a monstrous counter from Lonzo Ball on Isaiah Stewart. It’s the most striking, but it’s the whole sequence that is interesting with the aggressiveness and mobility, and the Pistons ultimately powerless.

 » We’re just here playing for each other. We know the attack is going to take a little while, but I prefer it to be that way. We can continue to rely on the defense while the attack finds its marks »Explains DeMar DeRozan.

Admittedly, the Bulls have a very favorable schedule with two games against the Pistons and one against the Pelicans, but as Zach LaVine pointed out after the first game, his Bulls would have undoubtedly lost this type of game last season. For now, the attack stammers with a lot of clumsiness, but the defense makes up for it.

« We do not shoot very well, but I find that defensively, we are present » sums up Billy Donovan. “When you have a night like that in terms of address, you still have to give yourself a chance to win, and there is no doubt that it is thanks to the defense. I was really impressed with our defense ”.

Lonzo Ball changes a lot of things

In the numbers, that gives 13 interceptions, 11 blocks and 23 forced ball losses for Chicago. Lonzo Ball is the most prominent with four blocks, but we will also remember the good passage of Patrick Williams as a pivot or the five interceptions of Alex Caruso, encouraged by the “MVP, MVP” of the United Center.

For Zach LaVine, it all starts with Lonzo Ball: “ He is everywhere ! He puts his 3-points, he launches the transition, he brings real energy and physique in defense. He is a complete player and we are happy to have him. « 

The full-back assures the general public had a misleading image of Lonzo Ball after his Lakers debut. “I think it was the media that started it, not the players. Players know how to recognize real basketball players. It is always a question of highlighting what we know how to do, and not what we are incapable of. Lonzo can impact a game in so many ways. It takes over the things he’s not good at. And he works on the things he’s no good at. « 

To be confirmed against a quality opponent, and we will probably have to wait until Thursday night with the arrival of the Knicks.

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