Chet Holmgren will miss the entire 2022-23 NBA season!

Terrible, there is no other word. It was known as of yesterday that the Thunder were very concerned about Chet Holmgren and his ability to play next season, due to a recent right foot injury in a Pro-Am league game. The final verdict will not have dragged on: Chet will not play the 2022-23 season. OKC has just taken a massive blow.

Wow, for starters. 2022 Draft number two Chet Holmgren will not play next season in the NBA. The weight of this just sentence. Chet is just one of the keys to the future of the Oklahoma City franchise. A monster of talent, who will not however be able to express himself on the ground before the 2023-24 financial year. How why ? It all goes back to a Seattle ProAm match, a competition bringing together pro and amateur players in exhibition matches. Present on the ground alongside a certain LeBron James, Chet will very quickly discover the toughness of the King: barely two minutes of play, a caramel stamped Bronbron and above all a pain in the foot which sends him immediately far from the field. Add to that a problem of grip on the parquet due to abnormal humidity, and you have the perfect cocktail to take risks before the start of a season.  » Calm down, the guy won’t force it. He took a tampon, he leaves and basta“. It would have been the ideal scenario, but unfortunately the reality is much more serious.

Yesterday, we therefore learned that the medical staff of the Thunder expressed very serious concerns about possible torn ligaments in the foot. However, there were still additional examinations to be carried out to determine a precise diagnosis. The hope of Thunder fans was allowed, but already very slim. It is now swept away by a tweet from Adrian Wojnarowski. Injury to the Lisfranc joint, a set of joints in the foot that separates – roughly – the back part of the foot and the start of the metatarsals, the long bones leading to the toes. You begin to grasp, the affected spot is of utmost importance not only for basketball, but for everyday life. To heal this wound? Compulsory surgery in many cases. A long fitness treatment follows. The frustration for the player and the franchise must obviously be immense, but we must now not give in to doubt and give everything to come back as strong as possible. Others went through the white first season box, without it harming their careers overall: Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, Blake Griffin are the perfect examples. We will have to base ourselves on this to motivate ourselves, and come back stronger in a year. The info was offered by the franchise itself, via a press release written by the general manager Sam Presti. The tone is serious, and full support.

Of course, we are disappointed for Chet, especially considering how excited he was to hit the pitch with his teammates this season. We know Chet has a great career ahead of him in our organization and within the Oklahoma City community. One of the things that impressed us the most during his selection process was his determination. We expect the same tenacity to drive him through this period, and we will work together to get him ready again.

–Sam Presti

The news is frankly dirty, but we must now look ahead. This is a new challenge that awaits Chet Holmgren before the NBA materially opens its doors to him. In a franchise focused on youth, he enjoys the best of environments to get back on his feet.

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