Chelsea: Timo Werner changes agent and dreams of Bayern?

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Timo Werner, in need of playing time at Chelsea, would consider a departure more than ever. The German player has changed agent and he is well established at Bayern Munich.

Speaking at a press conference while in the German selection, Timo werner shared his feelings about his situation at Chelsea: Of course, I can’t be happy if I don’t play. Of course, I want to be a regular player in a great team ”, did he declare. This season, the German striker has made 7 Premier League appearances at around 47% of possible playing time. However, he scored a goal and delivered an assist.

Timo Werner will make a point at Christmas

Despite this situation, Timo werner ensures that he does not want to leave at all costs: “I’m not saying that I really want to leave if I don’t play ten or 15 games before Christmas. Things happen relatively quickly in football. I have to look at the big picture to make my decision  » he added.

New agent, new club?

However, in anticipation of possible future negotiations, the former Leipzig striker has enlisted the services of a new agent with a strong presence at Bayern Munich. A sign ? : “I did not choose Volker (his new agent, note) because he has a few players and the coach at Bayern Munich. I repositioned myself with him to get a new perspective on my career. This should not be taken as a clue for or against Bayern. It went well between us. It wasn’t about which club might be interesting for me in the future. It was just a basic interpersonal question ” he assured.

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