Chelsea: career over for N’Golo Kanté?

Disturbed by injuries, N’Golo Kanté no longer displays his level of yesteryear. A keen observer, Anthony Cascarino fears that the Habs are no longer able to repeat their past performances and that they are at the end of their career.

 » I hate to say this, and I’m not sure, but that’s the end of N’Golo Kante. We saw him as the greatest, or one of the great midfielders of the last decade but it looks like he is at the end of his career. I really feel like he got physically exhausted, he looked exhausted. Midweek he was up against 37-year-olds like Modric, Kroos and Casemiro, not all of whom are as mobile as he is, and yet I felt like he was struggling. I’ve watched N’Golo for the past three months and wonder if we haven’t seen the best of him and he’s starting to falter. I hope I’m wrong, because he’s a great player“, said Anthony Cascarino on TalkSport.

Taulier of Thomas Tuchel on the side of Chelsea, N’Golo Kanté remains unstoppable but shows some signs of fatigue. An exhaustion which could be explained by two contractions of the Coronavirus in September then in January. A state that is beginning to worry in England.

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