Chelsea: An easy evening … but at what cost

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While Chelsea’s victory over Malmö leaves no room for doubt, it will have a negative impact over the coming weeks. Indeed, during this meeting, the Blues lost their two attackers, Romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner.

After the large victory of his team (4-0) in the Champions League, Thomas tuchel wanted despite everything to remain positive despite the injuries of his two attackers: “I don’t know much more. Romelu has twisted his ankle in the box and Timo has a hamstring injury. It will take time for both. We need more exams to be more precise but they will be absent for some matches ” First said the German manager reports Football London.

Thomas Tuchel has no regrets about Lukaku

Thomas tuchel explained his choice to play Romelu Lukaku while some waited to see the Belgian striker at rest for this meeting largely within the reach of Chelsea: “If I had known before, I wouldn’t have played him. It was important for him to be on the pitch and he started very strong. I told him about the situation, I told him that I think he has some mental fatigue. But he is our number nine and our benchmark. We wanted to build our attack today with Mason and Timo around him and I had the firm conviction that in a Champions League match, he could change things and change things by scoring and being decisive, which is what he did it because he was super strong in our start. Without him it might not be 2-0. So I don’t regret it. It is not a muscle injury or physical fatigue ” he added.

The best possible team against Norwich

Now, players like Callum Hudson-Odoi or Kai Havertz will have time to show off a little and the Blues manager expects a lot from them: “There is always a chance and they can prove a point now. We will have matches without Romelu and Timo, so everyone is invited to join the race for a few minutes on the pitch. We will put the best team against Norwich. We’re going to look at the data, look at the recovery. This will be one of the shortest pre-game meetings in my coaching history because we want the same thing as tonight: energy, effort, won ball ”he concluded.

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