Chaumont FC will have to be serious to qualify

Football (Coupe de France, 6th round): chaumont fc – rs magny>

Flavien Job and the Chaumontais will have to put in the right ingredients to hope to qualify for the 7th round of the Coupe de France. (Photo: D. Piot)

To enforce the hierarchy, Sunday afternoon (2:30 p.m.), at home, facing RS Magny, the Chaumontais should not take their hosts of the day lightly. A seventh round of the Coupe de France, you deserve it!

Julien Stéphan, the Strasbourg coach, could have had a heavier hand during the draw for the 6th round of the Coupe de France. Indeed, out of the nineteen matches in the Grand Est region on the program this weekend, no less than eight teams are playing above the Chaumontais (one National, two National 2 and five National 3).

Finally, the Alsatian coach fired Renaissance Sportive Magny, resident of Regional 2, as an opponent of the Prefects, Sunday afternoon (2:30 p.m.). A good print? A trap match, above all!
If Flavien Job and his partners think that it is enough for them to be on the lawn of the Georges-Dodin stadium and to have the encouragement of the many hoped-for supporters to win and validate their ticket for the
7th round of the Coupe de France, with the entry into contention of the Ligue 2 teams, they are wrong.

It would even be the best way to leave the competition by the back door… Simon Girault, the coach of the CFC, is well aware of this. “It puts more pressure on us than facing a ‘big guy’. There is a level logic to be respected. We will have to be more focused. Do not miss it. Redouble our vigilance. « 

Magny, with a certain Milan Bisevac

Because their opponents of the day are « not there by chance ». They even played one more lap than the Chaumontais. In the four previous matches (see box), Cédric Léonard’s men still scored nineteen goals, for only three conceded.

Of course, with the exception of Joinville / Vecqueville, resident of Regional 3, the Mosellans only faced district teams. Some will not fail to add that this Magny team is struggling in its pool of Regional 2 (see box). Perhaps because they are currently “focused” on the Coupe de France…

Still, this training, in the offseason, brought in five players in all lines. Players recruited in Amnéville and Luxembourg. In this team, there is also a certain Milan Bisevac, the central defender in 101 Ligue 1 games with Lyon, among others. Certainly, he has the cap of assistant coach, but the one who has nineteen caps with Serbia does not hesitate to put the studs on to lend a strong hand if necessary.

One of the keys: the land

To hope to gain the upper hand over the Mosellans, the Chaumontais will have to adapt to the playing conditions. Last week, Simon Girault’s men evolved on a degraded lawn, with capricious rebounds. And the rainy weather this weekend does not bode well. “It will not be a great Dodin, recognizes the prefectural coach. We know it. We are working with the city to make things better. It will take time. The period is not conducive to maintain it. The agents do the maximum with the means given to them… ”

A damaged lawn is undoubtedly not the ideal when we know that Flavien Job and his teammates aspire to produce the game. « It is not an asset for us and obviously it will impact our game, says Simon Girault. We know it. We are less and less surprised. You have to put things in place so as not to be caught off guard. We train on synthetic and on grass, it’s different. We need to put other things in place. « 

For this meeting, Simon Girault does not have all his living forces. “There are concerns on all floors of the club. You have to adapt to that, knowing that there are two other teams to be made competitive. This afternoon, Léo Mangin and Franck Bery are absent. As for the wounded, “their return is taking longer than expected. We don’t want to take any risks.  »
But the coach prefers to be positive. “There is a lot of desire to play at home. We are happy to play at home, it’s a big plus, despite the complicated terrain. « 
If, in the end, the qualification is at the end, it doesn’t matter which way. In the Coupe de France, the important thing is to qualify!
Yves Tainturier

Posted on 10/31-2021 at 6:00 AM

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