Charles Leclerc wants to reassure his fans for the future

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With a Ferrari found in 2022, Charles Leclerc is Max Verstappen’s main opponent in the fight for the title this season. However, the Monegasque is 80 points behind the Red Bull driver after 13 races. He notably lost points during the Grand Prix of Monaco, Silverstone or Hungary, because of the strategies of his team, when he was leading the various races. During the summer break, he wanted to reassure his fans for the rest of the season, renewing his confidence in Ferrari.

I don’t think we are weaker than Red Bull operationally, assures the Monegasque. I fully trust my team. I think we showed after 2020 and 2021 that we were capable of getting back to the top.

He keeps on :

I’m not going to deny it, we’ve made mistakes this season, especially in the last few races. But it can happen to any team. And we’re also more in the spotlight now that we’re fighting for the wins. But rest assured that we constantly challenge ourselves in order to progress. It’s clear we need to improve, but I don’t think we’re weak in any particular area.

In short :

In the battle for victories since the start of the season, Charles Leclerc has been the victim of several strategic errors by his team. However, he does not give up and remains confident for the future.

Theo Marchal

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