Charles Leblanc takes last step before MLB

Leblanc has played in the second and third cushion since arriving at the AAA level.

A home run to start the season

From his first at-bat of the season, Leblanc catapulted an inside shot far to the second balcony of left field. The least we can say is that he did not miss his chance to make a good first impression.

“I told myself that I had done well to work on adjustments in my swing, that I had also done well to trust the process. Normally my circuits arrive later in the season, I’m glad I did it quickly. « 

>>>>> Click here to see the Leblanc circuit at the 27th second of this video

Leblanc is still waiting for the chance to talk about it with his father, who works nights and whom he always wakes up when he calls him. He said he spoke to his mother and sister, and that he would take some time on Wednesday, a day off, to call him.

Closer and closer to the majors

Impossible for Leblanc not to start dreaming about major baseball. Since he was a child he imagined himself playing in the big leagues, and here he is at the very last step of the process.

« I sure think about it, even though I just arrived here. I can smell MLB and that’s okay. Because of COVID, all teams have a taxi squad (reserve team) of five or six players who follow the big club, in case there are injuries or sick players. Several players from my team have already been there. One day it will be my turn. All I have to do is keep working hard and improving myself. « 

The return to normal life

Leblanc does not hide that he is happy to find the field. After a difficult year hitting balls in the cage next to his parents’ house, finally finding the field makes all the difference.

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