Charles III: what is the king’s favorite football club?

Proclaimed king this Saturday, September 10, Charles III will have to apply the usual royal neutrality in England regarding the country’s football clubs. However, the new sovereign has proven his attachment to the Burnley club in the past, playing today in the English second division.

Football divides within the royal family. Charles III, proclaimed the new King of England on Saturday, has been a loyal Burnley supporter for more than a decade. In 2010, the eldest son of the late Queen Elizabeth II posed with a flocked club jersey “HRH”, meaning “His Royal Highness” in English, or “Son Altesse Royale” in French.

In 2012, he justified his love for the formation of Burnley, currently playing in the English second division. “Burnley has been through very difficult times and I am trying to find ways to help regenerate and increase aspirations and self-esteem in this part of the world,” the new English sovereign assured during a visit. in the area for charity. For the record, the club currently trained by former Belgian international Vincent Kompany had offered him a VIP subscription.

Elizabeth II seemed to have a preference for Arsenal

Despite more than 70 years of reign, Elizabeth II invited only one team to Buckingham Palace: it was Arsenal in February 2007. This invitation, officially launched by the queen to apologize for not having been able to attend the he inauguration of the Emirates Stadium has fueled rumors in the English tabloids about Elizabeth II’s affection for the Gunners.

Especially since one of the Arsenal players, the Spaniard Cesc Fabregas, fueled this suspicion in an interview with a Spanish radio station at the time. “It seems that the queen follows football and she told us that she was an Arsenal fan,” assured the former FC Barcelona midfielder.

Within the royal family, there are many disparities when it comes to football-related ailments. If Harry, the queen’s grandson, confirmed his taste for Arsenal, Prince William assured that his heart was swinging for Aston Villa and Kate affirmed to support Chelsea.

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