Charles III proclaimed king: Elizabeth II was a fan of Arsenal, and which club does he support?

If the Queen of England was a supporter of Arsenal, which would also be the case of her grandson Harry, which he had hinted during a trip to New Zealand, the other members of the royal family support other colors.

Like Prince William, an assumed supporter of Aston Villa, which he has frequented since childhood. « All my friends at school were either Manchester United fans or Chelsea fans and I didn’t want to be like them. »explained the new Prince of Wales in 2015 to the BBC. « I wanted to support a mid-table team that could give me more emotional roller coaster moments. » At the same time, Kate indicated her preference for Chelsea.

What about Charles III? The eldest son of Elizabeth, officially proclaimed King of England on Saturday September 10, has never hidden his affection for Burnley FC. Born at Buckingham Palace, he supports the East Lancashire club, north of Manchester. In 2010, he went to Turf Moor, the stadium of Clarets. A private visit immortalized by a series of shots, showing him in particular posing with a flocked shirt « HRH » (« His Royal Highness », which means « His Royal Highness »).

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