Charles Barkley’s big tackle for Kobe and LeBron

Very, even sometimes too talkative at times, Charles Barkley never hesitates to let go of his heart’s content, TNT. In recent days, it is as a guest of another show that he has addressed a big reproach to Kobe Bryant and LeBron James!

Whether during his playing career, during which he found himself involved in many clashes, or since his withdrawal from the courts, it is better not to get him into trouble. Sanguine as possible, and damn robust, Charles Barkley never shied away from confronting the colossi he could be opposed to in the NBA paintings.

The temperament of the big man was such that it could also happen to him going directly to fans by his own admission. This strong character not only allowed him to become one of the most respected figures in the league in his time, but also to become a flagship consultant after his retirement. Always cash on the boardInside the NBA, the Chuckster pairs perfectly with Shaquille O’Neal.

Barkley frustrated by Kobe and LeBron’s reactions

While appeased in his new role on American television, Barkley remains unfiltered. He never felt the slightest fear when it came to criticizing contemporary players. Including the most renowned. During a recent appearance in the Pat McAfee Show, Sir Charles, for example, returned to one of the big clashes he had with … Kobe bryant !

When I compliment guys they never call me, fuck. Kobe Bryant – whom I adore, and may his soul rest in peace – I said for three or five years that he was the best player in the world, and one night, against the Phoenix Suns, he didn’t take only one shot in the second half, so I went after him after the game. He insulted me from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. Best of all, it was by messages! He called me by all possible bird names.

An episode that Barkley had already mentioned in the past, by revealing the famous insults used by Kobe. However, do not believe that the Black Mamba was the only one who could not digest the negative comments about him. According to Chuck, Lebron james would have adopted the same behavior with him!

I’ve always said how amazing LeBron James is. I admire him as a person, and he’s one of the best 5-6 players I’ve had the opportunity to see play. One day, I said something about him, and he lashed out at me. But hey, it always makes me smile. I’m like, ‘These guys never call me when I say how good they are,’ and I’ve learned to deal with it.

The role of analyst has indeed some downsides, including that raised by the MVP 1993. Fortunately, the latter has learned to ignore, and continues to entertain us with each appearance on the airs of TNT !

Never thanked for the praise he can draw, Charles Barkley on the other hand often suffers the wrath of the stars he dares to criticize. Kobe Bryant and LeBron James would not have digested in particular the criticisms of the Chuckster!

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