Charles Barkley struck by personal drama

Charles Barkley is renowned for his communicative good humor and sharp humor on screen, and at the start of the year, he is also showing unfailing strength of character. As he has just been struck by a drama, the Hall of Famer finds the strength to fulfill its role of consultant with a smile.

Charles Barkley is one of the most eloquent figures in the NBA microcosm, and has been for several years now. When the Hall of Famer has something to say, he says it without concession, even if it means turning his back on close friends… His relationship with Michael jordan was for example particularly impacted by the comments of the star consultant of TNT on the Hornets …

And age doesn’t seem to get the better of this little bit of « madness ». Chuck isn’t necessarily wiser than when he started out, and his comments are still just as scathing as ever. For example, he was at the origin of a general laughter on the set of the show Inside The NBA because of his Crazy advice to Zion Williamson about his weight. Shaquille O’Neal had tears in his eyes.

Charles Barkley affected by the death of his father

But Charles Barkley is not all lightness, schoolboy and good-natured humor. Sometimes he can also be sensitive and serious. In the last episode of his podcast Steam Room, recorded with his friend and colleague Ernie Johnson, the best player of the Barcelona Olympics has revealed that he is going through a particularly difficult time. Christmas was mourned for the Barkleys.

To conclude, and this is far from being the least important subject, my father passed away during Christmas week. My father and I had a complicated relationship. But I want it to be perfectly clear to everyone, over the last long years of our lives, we had a great understanding. This was not the case for the first 20 or 30 years of life.

If Charles Barkley had such a tense relationship with his father, it is because he was abandoned in his childhood… Frank Barkley only made his return to his son’s life when he was shining in the NBA, this which was also quite difficult to accept for the interior. But with a lot of effort, deep discussions, he succeeded in fixing the situation, picking up the pieces, something of which he must be proud after this disappearance.

And fortunately, Sir Charles is far from alone in this situation, he can count on the infallible support of his comrades on the air. They all stick together when Shaquille O’Neal lost his sister, they stick together when Ernie Johnson lost his son a few months ago, things shouldn’t change in this situation.

Charles Barkley must have known the end of the year 2021 enough complicatede with this sad disappearance. Fortunately, he and his father parted on excellent terms, which did not come without effort.

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