Charles Barkley gets angry and destroys Kevin Durant on his fiasco!

Kevin Durant made headlines throughout the summer, with his urge to leave barely concealed. But after finally having a change of heart, KD has drawn the ire of many consultants, including Charles Barkley, who can no longer see the player changing his mind every week.

Normally, Kevin Durant still has a lot of pressure on his shoulders, he who is not only one of the best players on the planet, but also one of the best players of all time. He is a double NBA champion, a double MVP of the Finals, a potentially unstoppable attacker, he clearly must carry his own in the race for the title.

But next season the pressure will be even greater on the shoulders of the No. 7, since he has put his leaders and Nets fans through hell all summer long. Indeed, after the humiliating defeat against the Celtics in the first round of the playoffs, a series in which he was also transparent, KD asked his leaders to trade him to Miami or Phoenix, two franchises he considered better. placed than Brooklyn on the sporting level.

Charles Barkley unhappy with Kevin Durant fiasco

After months of negotiations, speculation, after a startling ultimatum to franchise owner Joe Tsai, Kevin Durant finally decided to stick with Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons, at least for another year. He will have to make people forget this affair on the ground, with historic performances. The consultants will not miss it otherwise, the proof with this huge tackle from Charles Barkley during a passage on a radio broadcast in Arizona.

I feel like Kevin Durant is a miserable person. Besides, I call him « Monsieur Miserable », he is and will never be happy in life. Everyone around him gives him everything on a silver platter. He was the man for the job in Oklahoma City, all the fans loved him, he was almost state governor…He betrayed them and left.

He won two consecutive titles with the Warriors before getting injured for the third Finals, he was still not happy. He then went to Brooklyn, where the rulers gave him everything he demanded, he remains miserable. If we look at his career, wherever he was the undisputed leader, the projects turned into complete failures.

For Charles Barkley, Kevin Durant’s attitude betrays a deep malaise… Indeed, no matter where he plays, no matter the success of his teams and the level of his teammates, the number 7 would be eternally dissatisfied, incapable to carry his own to success. If the star consultant of DTT does not mince his words, it is difficult to prove him wrong following recent events. It remains to be seen whether KD will be able to go far with its Nets 2.0.

Charles Barkley and Kevin Durant have been looking for each other for several months, and their “rivalry” could take on a new dimension next season. Following this abortive departure, all observers will expect a lot from n°7.

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