Charles Barkley cracks up when he talks about the World Cup and France!

Often criticized for his analyzes of the NBA, Charles Barkley does not prove more credible as a football expert. However, he risked a daring prognosis on the World Cup, and particularly focused on the case of the France team!

His opinion may often be questioned by fans and Internet users, but he continues to give it whenever he has the opportunity, most often on the sets of DTT. Charles Barkley will even tend to express himself in cash on other subjects far removed from basketball and the NBA, sometimes in an ultra-controversial way. This is also what he has just done about… the Football World Cup.

Charles Barkley (too) confident for Team USA at Worlds

If « soccer » is still struggling to find a place among other US sports, the performances of Team USA in Qatar are making noise across the Atlantic. Even more this Tuesday, following the qualification for the final stages obtained by the players of Gregg Berhalter against Iran (1-0). Barkley, for example, touched on a word of it during Inside The NBA… with exaggerated confidence in relation to his footballing knowledge:

The Netherlands, here we come! We’re handing out the spankings from now on. I GUARANTEE the Netherlands have something to worry about! Spain, Brazil, Germany, France, we are waiting for you! Well, on the other hand, France has this guy there, Mbappé, he is not kidding at all. But we will beat the Netherlands!

Well, clearly, the Chuckster got carried away by the euphoria on this one.

To clear it, American fans have reason to rejoice after this qualification. After all, their selection had not participated in the 2018 World Cup, and therefore could not have tried to block the road to the Blues in their journey to the title. On the other hand, it is difficult to imagine them going further than the 1/8th stage in the days to come, as they last managed to do in 2002.

Indeed, the Netherlands are advancing as the big favorites of this poster, after a group stage smoothly conducted and concluded with three victories in as many games. In the event of an exploit against the Dutch, Team USA should even have more difficulty getting rid of the other leaders cited by Barkley. Including the France of Mbappé, whose pronunciation of the name will still have to be worked on by the ex-big man!

On a small cloud after the qualification of Team USA in eighth, Charles Barkley already sees the Americans create the surprise and eliminate one by one the favorites of the tournament. Like what, his points of view on the NBA are not so terrible after all!

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