Chaos after the fight: « Pack your bags, because your ass is going to be traded! » « 

Discreet player so far in the eyes of the general public, Isaiah Stewart literally blew a hose after a nasty nudge from LeBron James which bloodied him. For a multiple All-Star, this blow of anger will cost the sophomore dear, who, let us remember, is only 20 years old.

When Lebron james was drafted in the NBA, Isaiah Stewart had just celebrated his 3 years. He found him yesterday on the floors of the big league, in a memorable scuffle. After receiving a nasty nudge from the King, the Pistons player was seized with a mixture of panic and fury as the blood streamed down his face. Results : a bitch in good and due form.

Aware of the impact that such a streak can have on the reputation and the career of a young player, the always protective coach of the Pistons, Dwane Casey, was quick to go see his player after the meeting to stipulate him that what he had done « does not define him as a man and as a player ». But is it already too late? That’s what a former All-Star multiple thinks.

For Gilbert Arenas, Isaiah Stewart will be traded quickly

In a long tirade of which he has the secret, Arenas has been cash and believes, with bitter irony sprinkled with slight conspiracy theories, that touching an overpowered LeBron James in the NBA is almost crippling:

Hey boy, I’m going to be honest with you: pack your bags, take your jackets, your shoes, everything, because your ass is going to be traded in Budapest or somewhere else 😂😂😂 I don’t know what happened to you your head but you can’t run into the King like that live on TV. You surely haven’t read the NBA fights manual, rule number 1: « Leave LeBron and KD alone, NEVER! » « 

Number 2: the two light-skins, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, don’t mess them up where you’re screwed. Number 3: only 2 teams are allowed to fight without consequences, and that’s always where Rondo and Chris Paul are! Number 4: wait for your teammates to come around you and then play tough to pretend that …

Hmmm well there you go, good luck for the future my guy! PS: if you think I add more, ask Enes Kanter. He confused LeBron in 2016-17 and the Turkish president has been trying to knock him out ever since …

We do not know if Gilbert Arenas forced the bottle yesterday in front of the match, or if he really thinks everything he says, but we must obviously take this strange tirade with a grain of salt … However, we will still have to watch the rest to Isaiah Stewart, a young player in the making who has turned his back on the “godfather” and the face of the NBA – a situation that could close some doors for him in the years to come. For now, the Detroit franchise seems to be forming part of it.

Lasting consequences for Isaiah Stewart after his muscular confusion with LeBron James and the Lakers? It is possible, but nothing is as certain as what GIlbert Arenas claims. Case to be continued …

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