Chan 2023 qualifiers – Senegal vs Guinea: « The credibility of our football depends on it » Cheikh Gueye

In Chan qualifications, the national Sily has often given the Lions a hard time. Absent from the African championship for 12 years because of Guinea which each time blocks the way for local players, the Senegalese selection will find their pet peeve, on August 27 in Dakar and September 2 in Bamako for the return leg.

For this new double confrontation, Senegal « must » get rid of this curse which dates back several years, especially for the good of its football. This is the opinion of the former coach of AS Kaloum, Cheikh Gueye. The latter in this interview dissected the game of the opponent of the Lions. For the technician, Pape Thiaw’s men must first bet on a big victory at home.


How should Senegal approach this meeting?

The Senegal-Guinea duel, his last years, was in favor of the Guineans. These will be two very important matches for local football. The credibility of our football depends on it. The first African country should not be absent for so many years in such a competition, the African championship (Chan). For the first leg in Dakar, we have to approach it with a lot of intelligence. Playing on our own values ​​but above all not minimizing the strengths of the Guinean players who are very skilled and now have a solid base of players ranked 3e at the last CHAN in front of Cameroon, the organizing country. With players like Moussa Camara, Mory Kante or Ngagna Barry, not to mention coach Lappe Bangoura who is very experienced.

The absence of a player would not be mitigating circumstances or an excuse for Pape thiaw

The Senegalese coach will be faced with the departure of some pillars of his workforce, will he be a handicap for Pape Thiaw?

i think pope [Thiaw] learned from this situation (the absence of players between two rounds or even a week before the competition) which has always been a disadvantage in our last confrontations. I think he will be able to compensate with especially the presence of Bouly Junior and for whom if necessary can use the versatility of Raymond Ndour or Paul Valérie Bassene. The absence of a player would not be mitigating circumstances or an excuse for Pape Thiaw. He is equipped enough to find solutions. Let’s not forget that Guinea, for administrative problems, coach Bangoura left 10 important players in his system, to tell you that there will be no excuses but solutions to qualify for the next chan.

the Guineans have a psychological ascendancy over the Senegalese,

What will be the determining factor in this meeting?

Chan 2023 Qualifiers - Senegal vs Guinea: "The credibility of our football depends on it" Cheikh Gueye - wiwsportOne factor should not be minimized or favoured. You have to try to be the best on the physical and tactical level and not at any time give the Guinean team the opportunity to be comfortable and up to scratch technically. Avoid any loss of ball which would favor the Guinean team which with Lappé plays a very good 4-4-2 and very intelligent on the counterattacks. So you have to be strong and be mentally ready. It must be recognized that in his last years the Guineans have a psychological ascendancy over the Senegalese, it is up to the local lions to be aware of the importance of this match because the return will be played on neutral ground.

The best scenario would be to win by two goals

What are Guinea’s strengths and weaknesses?

It’s hard to talk about the weaknesses and strengths of a selection, especially since we haven’t seen him play for a while. But starting from my experience in Guinea, I know that this team has experienced elements who participated in the last chan with a coach who masters the data of local Guinean football. The team plays in a classic 4-4-2 with sometimes very unbalanced players on the ribs which favors a dominant game in the middle with the sole aim of putting the laterals into orbit. Lappe often features receiver forwards like Gnagna Barry and second line players who can be very dangerous like Gausou Sibi and even Mory kante. Afterwards, on the defensive level, there may be concerns in terms of defensive withdrawal, especially of the men in the corridor, which could be an asset for Senegal. For two months, the players of Lappe have not competed and unlike the Lions of Senegal who have played several matches. This lack of competition and absence of tactical cohesion can favor the Senegalese team.

Would it be an additional advantage for the Lions who will play the second leg away?

Even if it’s a match that is played in Mali, it’s Guinea that receives, apart from perhaps the absence of their public, the Guineans will have no problem playing the match well. In addition, the players have been in Mali for a week to prepare for the double confrontation. Senegal must dominate the first leg so as not to be under pressure in the return. The best scenario would be to win by two goals. Interview by A.Ndiaye

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