Champions League: « vultures », thefts and passive police … A Madrilne tells the hell of the Stade de France


What really happened around the Stade de France before and after the Champions League final? Pending the conclusion of the investigations carried out by the public authorities, a Madrid supporter recounted his nightmarish evening in Le Parisien.

Champions League :

The final was originally to be played in Saint-Ptersburg.

The Champions League finals in the Paris region, Emilio Dumas knows very well. French member of Real Madrid, this 59-year-old man attended that against Liverpool (0-1) in 1981 at the Parc des Princes, that against Valencia (3-0) in 2000 at the Stade de France, and therefore that against the Reds ( 1-0) won on May 28, still within the Dionysian walls… where he would never set foot again. The fault a nightmarish evening, tells in Le Parisien this Friday.

Of the thugs the lookout near the stadium

Because one question still remains unanswered: what really happened around the Stade de France before and after the final? We will probably never know precisely, the video surveillance images having been automatically destroyed according to the FFF, which however assured that these were extremely violent. A version confirmed by Emilio Dumas. I had the worst night of my life. L, I was ashamed to be French…he summed up.

In the metro, we already felt that the atmosphere was changing, continued the Madrid supporter in the regional daily. Many teenage girls, women and even grannies started complaining about the inappropriate gestures. But it’s on the way and around the stadium that aat the worst. There were many thugs lying in wait like vultures to steal bags, wallets and especially phones, since the match tickets were dematerialized.

A friend of mine was violent and robbed

A friend of mine was violent and robbed. Law enforcement and security were of no help. « Move on », they said…, accused the Madrid supporter. And this is not the first testimony showing the passivity of the gendarmes and police present on the spot. The government, he preferred to point the finger at the English fans. Before returning to face the reality of the facts, confirmed by Emilio Dumas, who rightly salutes the calm of the opposing supporters.

I only saw peaceful English fans. (…) But we really missed out on a tragedy, recalled the 59-year-old man. From the metro to the stadium, there was such a density of people there and back that if someone had fallen or if an idiot had, as sometimes happens, thrown a firecracker, it would have turned into a disaster. I was really scared. Like all the people present on the spot, vulnerable people and children included…

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