Champions League – 5th d. | Manchester City ratings

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Man of the match: Navas (7.5): One thing is certain, it will not have been spared in this meeting. The Costa Rican doorman who arrived at the 2019 transfer window has chained the parades in his penalty area including this rescue that we remember more particularly in the 32 ‘with this judicious deployment to the right allowing him to deviate the trajectory of the balloon sent by Mahrez. However, his vigilance and his performance were not enough to protect his team from defeat, the latter which moreover sorely lacked organization and technical details during this confrontation, is thus inflicted as a sentence, in the face of appearances. of pride expressed following the first goal scored (50 ‘), the deprivation of access to first place in the classification of his group.

Manchester City (4-3-3)

Ederson (5) : Apart from his good exit at the end of the match (90 + 3 ‘), he was hardly used this evening. The Brazilian goalkeeper was helpless on Mbappé’s clear strike (50 ‘).

Walker (6) : The England defender was present throughout the 90 minutes. He approaches his performance with an excellent defensive retreat (9 ‘). He was able to use his speed wisely and overall achieved good interceptions like the one on Mbappé (60 ‘). He confirms his good tenure with an aerial assist that he makes following an ingenious call made in the back of the Parisian defender (63 ‘).

Stones (5.5) : Quite shy especially in his offensive game, he nevertheless makes a serious copy in his defensive performance with good investments.

Slides (5) : On the defensive side, the Portuguese seemed to play it safe with a few back passes in the first half intended for his goalkeeper and was overall physically solid in his interventions.

Cancelo (7) : We have to believe that this is starting to become a custom. He once again achieves a very good performance with clear-sighted ball interceptions like the one on Messi where he completely mows him down in his attempt to overflow (40 ‘). A good ability to enter the midfield that he combines with properly executed passes including this caviar given to Gabriel-Jesus (83 ‘) that the latter will not unfortunately succeed in pushing into the net.

Gundogan (6) : Good projections forwards like in 33 ‘that he ends up on a curl of the right foot which will not see the color of the nets.

Rodri (5.5) : Very involved in his match both defensively and offensively with this ladle that alerts Walker and will end on the opening of the Mancunian counter (63 ‘), he however multiplied the faults on the opposing players at the risk of being sometimes at the limit of the anti-game as on this action on Mbappé where he grabs it with his arm (21 ‘).

Zinchenko (5.5) : Invested in the offensive animation of his training, he nevertheless showed in the first period a certain fragility and awkwardness in his actions that he more or less corrected in the second part of the game. Replaced by Gabriel Jesus (76 ‘ ).

Mahrez (6.5) : Tireless offensively, the Algerian international has redoubled his efforts in his attempts to infiltrate the opposing penalty area, facilitated by a lack of marking of the Parisian players on him, where he creates many dangerous situations. Far from being perfect with a lot of loss of balls in particular, he finally succeeds, by dint of persisting, to initiate the action which will lead to the second goal of the Manuciens on a strike for Silva.

Silva (6.5) : Once again, he was hard-hitting in his lane with good ball retention and as a bonus an assist for Gabriel Jesus who signed the second goal for the English team (76 ‘).

Sterling (5) : The number 7 of City has juggled between the good and the less good with first of all this bad choice of recovery at the 7 ‘and this error (of sole) exerted on Marquinhos (30’) which he reiterates on Paredes ( 56 ‘). He manages to fool Navas by pushing the sumptuous ball sent by Walker with the tip of his left crampon (63 ‘).

PSG (4-3-3)

Navas: See above.

Hakimi (6.5) : The Moroccan international was dynamic offensively despite technical waste. He ensures good movements in his lane thanks to his speed which allows him to make a good return. Even if it is not always perfect, he has the best defensiveness with this save in extremis of the head in the first period (27 ‘).

Marquinhos (7) : Overwhelmed and cornered, the Parisian captain had great difficulty in compensating for the passive state of some of his teammates in addition to his essential role on the defensive plan which he fulfilled very well as evidenced by this rescue against Zinchenko (27 ‘).

Kimpembe (6) : Solid and far-sighted in the management of his interventions, he was nevertheless put in difficulty especially in the last half hour of the match.

Mendes (5.5) : Sometimes a little too tight in his interventions with this recovery to the limit at the very start of the match (1 ‘), he nevertheless manages to score good points in his offensive contribution with this magnificent attempt where he fools Stones but where his strike comes from directly find the goalkeeper’s gloves. A failure in the marking of Mahrez is also to be noted.

Paredes (6) : Strongly present in support of his teammates in the first period as with this help that he comes to bring to Kimpembe in his duel against Mahrez. He is the player who has contributed the most to guaranteeing stability in the middle of the game. However in the second half, he seems to be overtaken by fatigue.

Herrera (5) : The Spanish environment was the author of an average performance. Indeed, he almost misses to score a goal against his camp on a ball which he deflects on a receding center (32 ‘). He gradually fades in the second half not unrelated to his discomfort felt at the level of the ischios which will push him to give way to Danilo (60 ‘).

Gueye (5.5) : A good intensity in his pressings (4 ‘) but he realizes inaccuracies as the end of the match approaches.

Messi (3.5) : Not much to say in the image of its rendering this evening. The pulga exhibited an appalling passive and dreamy state. His combination with Neymar and Mbappé as well as his assist came to put a parenthesis in his very disappointing performance.

Mbappé (5.5) : The French international was the least worst of the attacking trio. Although he was able to show himself once again decisive with this goal which opened the score of the meeting (50 ‘), it is clear that he did not show his abilities at their best.

Neymar (4) : Like his South American offensive compatriot, the Brazilian striker was almost non-existent. For lack of inspiration, his combination with Messi and Mbappé in which he made a sublime feint was generally the only moment of the confrontation where he highlighted his tactical experience in major meetings.

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