Chambéry leaves Villefranche, National team!


Cédric Rullier (Chambéry Savoie Foot coach): “I think the qualification is deserved. We had carefully analyzed Villefranche and we did the necessary pressing to make them doubt. The guys were almost perfect. We managed to put the goal of 2-0. Afterwards, we conceded a goal but Fred Denervaud (the goalkeeper) took the necessary stop to keep our victory. I think we are gaining momentum, it was still a better match than against GFA Rumilly-Vallières. ”

Nassim Akrour (CSF striker):  » It is deserved. We played a big game with all the intensity we needed. We saw their weaknesses on video and we were able to build on their mistakes, with a great goal from Jordan Scarantino. « 

Jordan Scarantino (CSF scorer): “We have worked all week for this and everyone has responded. We still had a great game, the public pushed well. We were already happy to play against a team like Villefranche. It’s really fun, it’s huge! Personally, to be still decisive, I am happy for my club quite simply, to be able to participate in the qualification. Now we’re going to play against Auxerre, that’s what we wanted. May the party continue. « 

Alexis Matias (Chambéry player):« We are very happy, strongly the next round and with this fabulous audience nothing is impossible ».

Jèremy Fernandez (Chambéry player): “Happy, we worked well in this game during the week. We were united and frankly we deserve our qualification, thank you to the public ”.

Rémi Jacquet (Chambéry): « We had a good mastery and we deserve this result, thank you to this fabulous audience, keenly the continuation ». OD

G. Castaldi

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