Challenge L’Équipe readers on NBA Fantasy

Real institutions on the other side of the Atlantic, “Fantasy” type games have already proven their worth in Europe. Based on the performance of athletes in « real life », they allow everyone to put themselves in the shoes of a professional trainer. If you are feeling the soul of a Gregg Popovich or a Steve Kerr, now is the time to get started.

NBA Fantasy, create your team

As in every fantasy game, it all starts with building a squad. Once your account is created, one hundred million dollars are available to form a team of 7 players: one from each position for the 5 major and two free substitutes. If the 100 million sounds attractive, making a team is not so easy. The « franchise player » such as LeBron James or Stephen Curry costing more than 20 million, it is impossible to set up an « All-Star » team. You have to be resourceful and scrutinize the workforce to find the best performing team possible while respecting the budget.

You have to choose 7 different players to make up your team.

You have to choose 7 different players to make up your team.

Participate in Gameweeks

After having validated the squad, it’s time to play. Each gameweek (week of play), the 7 players score points thanks to the matches they actually play. These points are determined by the player’s statistics during the match (points, rebounds, assists ect.) And the cumulative points of the 7 players determine a total score and therefore a ranking.

Between each week of play, it is possible to reshape its workforce as desired, always respecting the initial budget. The value of players fluctuating during the season depending on performance, the interest is to identify « nuggets ». Indeed, it is better to identify inexpensive players whose price will increase during the season. Their resale will allow a real « added value », which then allows apprentice coaches to afford even better performing players.

How to join the team league

Who will be the best coach among our readers? To join the L’Equipe League, just click here. After creating your team, click on « join a league » and enter the code d8860755db. The “L’Equipe” league can also be joined from the home screen of public leagues.

Good luck and a good season to all!

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