Chaim Bloom has lost the trust of his players

Since the deadline for transactions has passed, we have immediately felt the frustration seize some players of the Boston Red Sox, among other things because of the inaction of the staff and the departure of Christian Vazquez .

It must have started during the offseason when Hunter Renfroe left for Milwaukee in return for Jackie Bradley Jr. What a bad trade!

Chaim Bloom and his cronies should have gotten the message by now, but it seems Bloom is a little hard on the sheet. Indeed, just this week, the Boston team decided to release receiver Kevin Plawecki, a popular element in the Red Bottom locker room.

This is another controversial decision less than three weeks from the end of the season. All this to insert hope Franklin German. Who? Yes yes, Franklin German…

Once again, the discontent settled in the camp of the Sox, in particular at Nathan Eovaldi.

« I didn’t know we were going to let him go. It was a shock for me. I talk to Kevin all the time. I know his family, his children. It is extremely difficult. I felt like with everything he did for the organization and the player he is, especially under these conditions, with only three weeks to go, he would have stayed. I haven’t spoken to Chaim or anyone else to figure out the real reasoning behind this. I was disappointed when I heard the news. »

And the gunner didn’t stop there, he had a lot to say.

“He tries to do everything he can for the team. He also understands his role. He always tries to help the younger ones. So for him to be released, especially at this time of year, is disappointing to me. I understand it’s a tough decision, but you want to build a championship around guys like that. I think sometimes it goes a little deeper than productivity or anything on the pitch. For me, it was very difficult to lose a guy like him, especially where we are in the season. »

Eovaldi is right. Why release a mentor for young people with only twenty meetings to play? From the great Chaim Bloom. And the right-handed pitcher is not the only one to show his displeasure. Rich Hill also spoke out on this nonsense.

 » It was very difficult. In the clubhouse, it was difficult for everyone. We are not just numbers. We are human beings. And removing a guy like that from the clubhouse is not a good thing for a lot of guys. »

Bloom will therefore have a lot of work to do to win back the hearts of his own players, as well as that of Red Sox fans. A very arduous mission, even almost impossible.

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