Chaim Bloom defends Andrew Benintendi transaction

A few months ago, the Red Sox made a polarizing trade. He sent Andrew Benintendi, a talented outfielder who was not playing at the height of his talent, to Kansas City. He was going into an environment that seemed favorable to him since he doesn’t like attention and because the Royals trusted him.

And what had to happen happened: he is having a good season. His .291 average, .749 ERA, 23 RBIs and 17 walks are the joy of his new team.

On the other side of the spectrum, the Sox notably got their hands on a Franchy Cordero who was sent to the AAA because of his ugly performances.

This means that even if the acquired pitcher is going well and there are still three players to be named later to go and fetch (this should happen in the short term), many people have their ideas on the situation: they do not don’t like it trade.

But Chaim Bloom, he knows that he made this movement of personnel for the future. So he’s not going to go wrong with that.

This is the reason why he is really not ready to say he lost the three-team treaty.

Obviously he’s watching day by day and he can see that Benny is producing well in Kansas City. That said, he is still convinced that in the long term, with the five elements acquired, he will be able to help the organization.

He is right. After all, we knew Cordero was a project, the AA launcher is doing well and there is still 60% of the deal to be discovered. And it came from a guy who didn’t understand the rumors about Benintendi.

That’s not to say Kansas City won’t have the upper hand, on the contrary. But everyone could possibly find what they are looking for.

Although the Sox would like to get a much better production from their outfielder, the club is doing well right now.

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