CF Montreal penultimate for club value in MLS

CF Montreal has reportedly missed out on the upward trend in Major League Soccer club value since 2019, Forbes reported Thursday morning.

According to the reputable American magazine, MLS clubs have reported, overall, an 85% increase in their value since that time. Thus, the average value of a club in MLS currently stands at US$579 million (C$771 million).

Forbes said that CF Montreal, which belongs to the Saputo family, would have generated revenues of around 30 million in 2022. It would, however, have suffered an operating loss of 12 million for the same period.

When it comes to overall value, only the Colorado Rapids do worse than CF Montreal. The Rapids are currently worth $350 million.

The palm of the most profitable club in MLS would go to the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC), whose value is estimated at one billion. The Californian formation would have reported revenues of around 116 million in 2022 and a profit from operations of 8 million.

Toronto FC ranks 6th in this list, with an overall value estimated at 690 million, while the Vancouver Whitecaps occupy 25th place, at 410 million.

To achieve its ranking, Forbes reviewed recent transactions, publicly available financial information and spoke with over 40 team leaders, owners, investment bankers and industry insiders.

The magazine clarified that all published figures are Forbes estimates; team values ​​do not include stadiums, real estate or debt. Revenue and operating profit are for the 2022 season, and the latter represents earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization.

Playoffs, player transfers and MLS revenue sharing were excluded from revenue calculations. Ancillary sources of club revenue, such as events that are not associated with MLS activities, have been included.

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