CF Montreal: Jonathan Sirois ready to prove his worth in front of his family

MONTREAL – Like many artists or creators, Maxime Crépeau needed to go into exile for his talent to be recognized at its true value. With the emergence of Quebec goalkeeper Jonathan Sirois, it’s a safe bet that CF Montreal will act differently this time.

All in all, Crépeau had to settle for a spectator role with the Montreal club, which was therefore unable to maximize its potential and obtain an interesting return. Thereafter, the goalkeeper was quick to shine with the Vancouver Whitecaps and Los Angeles FC.

After two seasons on loan in the CPL, with Valor FC in Winnipeg, Sirois returns to CF MTL this year. The good news for him is that his promising performances – including a Goalkeeper of the Year award – are arguments that are impossible to ignore.

Sirois should thus play the role of assistant to James Pantemis and he will savor every minute on the pitch. Truth be told, treading the turf is only its sole purpose.

“Of course, I have several strengths, but also several weaknesses to improve physically and technically. But the main goal remains to play minutes. To do a full year, without playing, would be very disappointing to be honest,” admitted the 21-year-old athlete.

Because Sirois does not hide it, it does him the greatest good mentally to take this step.

“Yeah, I waited a long time for this. It’s a bit of a feeling of excitement and nervousness because you know your goal is getting closer,” he said.

But Sirois remains well aware that his passage in CPL was decisive.

“Without that, it would have been difficult to have minutes here. I grew up as a player, but also as a person in Winnipeg. I believe that these two years have been very beneficial, ”acknowledged the six-foot guard.

“Now is the time for me to show the club that I am capable of playing matches in MLS,” continued the man who exudes a nice mix of confidence and realism.

Last year, Sirois had not convinced the leaders to retain him in Montreal.

“I didn’t have any promises, but I don’t arrive at camp with the same naivety as last year. I know James finished the season very well, maybe he has a little head start. But, at the same time, nothing is cast in stone. I have something to play for and it’s up to me to show that I have my place and that I can play good minutes,” said Sirois, whose potential prompted CF Montreal to let Sebastian Breza go.

The promising goalkeeper found this support comforting and it will touch the heart to play with the CF Montreal logo.

“My dream, since I was little, has been to play here, at Stade Saputo, in front of my family, my friends and the whole town. I’ve been waiting for this moment for years, ”explained the Quebecer who admires the course of Crépeau who is a hit with the LAFC.

“It’s a great inspiration, proof of determination and perseverance. When I did my short loan in Vancouver, I had the chance to talk to him a bit and I discovered him like no one else, ”said Sirois.

Perseverance is not a word tossed about in the air. Sirois realizes that it will not be easy for him to imitate Crépeau. As proof, he even lost his starting position during the second half of the last CPL season.

“This second season has been more challenging and difficult. In the sense that I had a lot more ups and downs. The first year, it was very happy, I floated on a cloud all season. Last year, I spent a streak on the bench. It was up to me to better manage the moments, but I learned a lot and it was very rewarding,” Sirois testified frankly.

“It could help me this year. If I end up playing five or six games, I have to be able to be good,” he continued.

In terms of his profile, Sirois is not the greatest for his position. But he does, however, fit the characteristics of modern goalies who are good enough to get involved in the game.

« It’s part of my style. Since I was very young, even at the Academy, I was a very aggressive goalkeeper. I know that Wilfried (Nancy) used goalkeepers a lot to get out from behind. We will see this year how we will be solicited, ”said Sirois.

And on the psychological side, the Quebec product believes it is mentally equipped to deal with the pressure that the Montreal market imposes on goaltenders.

“It’s not always easy for a goalkeeper in Montreal, regardless of the sport. But I’m ready for it. I saw it from the outside last year and even a bit from the inside when there was Evan Bush and Clément Diop, I was there. I’m starting to understand a bit and I think I’m ready for that,” concluded Sirois.

The shock seems well received by George Campbell

In December, CF Montreal acquired George Campbell from Atlanta United. The American central defender admits he was shocked when he heard the news, but he now seems to be taking the change well.

“I was quite sad at first, I didn’t know how to react. But I knew their style of play, they are a very brave team who play from the back. I am very happy with what I see at the start of this camp and I have loved the city since my arrival,” he said.

The 21-year-old athlete understands, however, that he will have to fight hard to inherit a starting role while Rudy Camacho, Kamal Miller and Joel Waterman seem on track to retain these positions.

“My goal remains to play well and become a starter. I’ve been working a lot lately to be more confident as a defenseman and get involved in the game occasionally. I have an imposing physique, I want to progress with the ball and solidify the back line,” Campbell said.

CF MTL has proven that it manages to increase the value of several of its players while boosting their candidacies to play for the national team. Unsurprisingly, this scenario also enchants Campbell.

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