CF Montreal has the 11th MLS payroll

We were in the dark for almost two years when it comes to MLS player salaries.

In 2020, because of the pandemic and reduced player salaries, the players’ association preferred not to make the figures public.

That all changed on Thursday when wages were finally released. Here is what we notice at CF Montreal.

First, contrary to what one might have thought, Montreal has a higher than average payroll.

At $ 12.4 million, CF Montreal ends up with the 11th MLS payroll. Inter Miami is at the top with $ 17.8M, the Vancouver Whitecaps bring up the rear at $ 8.7M.

But the figure linked to the Montreal team can be misleading, since four players alone receive 50% of the payroll: Victor Wanyama $ 3 million, Bjorn Johnsen $ 1 million, Kiki Struna $ 1.2 million and Rudy Camacho 850,000 $.

Camacho and Wanyama are the highest paid at their respective positions. In the case of Camacho, it is a contract that was given at the time of Rémi Garde. As for Wanyama, that’s a huge salary for the position he occupies.

To say that players like Carles Gil and Nicola Lodero earn less than him.

In the case of Struna, the teams in Houston and Montreal traded two bad contracts. Olivier Renard sent Maxi Urruti – to whom Garde had given the same amount as Struna -, to the Dynamo to get his hands on Struna. So far it’s a transaction that has served both teams well.

We also know the terms of Romell Quioto’s contract which now affects $ 885,000.

The middle class…

We also note that Samuel Piette obtained a nice salary increase, he who earned $ 150,000 until 2019, he now receives $ 455,000.

Djordje Mihailovic, who CF Montreal bought from Chicago for $ 1M, earns $ 652,000.

There are also some surprises. Newly arrived players like Ahmed Hamdi ($ 498,000) and Sunusi Ibrahim ($ 291,000) are also already arriving with good salaries.

The deals …

Note also that the CFM achieves very good shots with the Luis Binks ($ 260,000), Zach Brault-Guillard ($ 203,000) and Kamal Miller ($ 85,000) who are all important cogs in the club’s defense. .

Full house tomorrow?

For the first time in a long time, CF Montreal will play in a full stadium at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Saturday night.

Atlanta United announced earlier this month that they are reopening their stadium to full capacity on May 15. There are only a few tickets left for the Montreal-Atlanta duel, in a stadium that can hold 42,500.

Several CF Montreal players will be having their very first experience of this type, the crowd in Atlanta has a reputation for being quite intimidating. CF Montreal will try to improve its lot in the standings, which already sits at the top of its conference.

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