Cernex-Cruseilles, a historic derby this Sunday

By passing the first round of the Coupe de France on August 29, the Whites of Etoile Sportive de Cernex have given themselves the right to play this Sunday, September 5 in a historic derby at the Chardons stadium by welcoming their neighbors FC Cruseilles. Despite the long history of the two clubs, this is the first time that the two first teams will face each other in official competition. And, if before the overhaul of the cantons, this match could have been considered a “cantonal derby”, we will now be satisfied with the name “derby of the Pays de Cruseilles”.

In any case, there should be crowds this Sunday around 3 p.m. for this historic derby. Small details of importance: the stadium is not closed, it is not necessary to have a health pass or PCR test of less than three days to attend this meeting; on the other hand, one of the two documents is obligatory to consume at the refreshment bar.

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