Celtics owner remains cautious about his team’s title chances

Between the disappointment of the start of last season, the progress of 2022 and finally the successful run in the playoffs, with this defeat in the Finals, the Celtics showed several faces during the 2021/22 financial year.

For Wyc Grousbeck, last season was special as the franchise changed coaches and GMs in the summer of 2021, after a first-round elimination against Brooklyn, concluding a disappointing 2020/2021 season.

« We started badly last year and even in the middle of the season, it was still average »remembers the owner. “There are expectations and expectations that the players set for themselves, which I love. We want them to want to win a title. All the fans, myself included, we want a new banner. Last season was a free and easy year. Changes had been made in the franchise and expectations were low. »

« It’s dangerous to overestimate our career in the playoffs »

Except that after the Finals lost against the Warriors, the Celtics have changed in size. They now have a target behind their backs, though they haven’t won the title.

“Expectations are huge now and we are among the favourites. There is uncertainty regarding our start to the season. I hope we’ll get off to a good start, that we’ll kick the other teams’ asses. But I don’t know if that will be the case. This is why I say to those who listen to or will read the press that it is dangerous to overestimate our course in the playoffs. We won three series, not the title. We are good, but we still have things to prove. »

So when it is argued that Boston could be the big favorite for the title in 2023, especially with the arrivals of Malcolm Brogdon and Danilo Gallinari on the bench, Wyc Grousbeck prefers to remain cautious.

« I’m not going to try to play on words »recognizes however the owner of the Celtics. “If I have to choose, I don’t put anyone above us. But it won’t be easy either. In my opinion, we are not the favorites but we are one of the five or six teams that are. »

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